Thomas Andersson is Stålgossen

After many years as marketing manager i felt that it was time for new adventures. I have had a dream for a long time, to own my time and start my own business. Thanks to an investor, 2012 this became reality and Stålgossen was born. Our goal is to offer creative and custom made solutions, and as a bonus we’re a nice group of people!  


With 22 years of experience in steel sales, I realized the need for someone who picks up steel that has been leftover or downgraded. Instead of being scrapped directly, Stålgossen finds new uses, which contributes to a better environment. Sustainability was not the main focus from the beginning, but with the prevailing climate situation we see our business as a contributing factor to something better. Steel can be recycled indefinitely, and through our contribution to the steels cycle of life, we "save" the earth's resources since new steel does not have to be produced.


Of course, we have good credit ratings and are valued with AA from Bisnode and have achieved God kreditvärdighet (★★★★) at Creditsafe.