Stålgossen works with climate-smart and resource-efficient solutions by creating new life for steel that would otherwise have been scrap. To find a new area of use, instead of throwing away the product, is not only good for the environment but also for your wallet. As the steel can be reused in all infinity, we believe this a good alternative from many perspectives. Stålgossen is an important part of steels closed cycle, instead of the steel being thrown away, new possibilities are found.


Stålgossen's goal is that the supply and demand meets where the need is. Finding a buyer and a seller is the main task, which leads to material being given new life instead of being scrapped. By creating new use for the material, you contribute to reduced CO2 levels, something that otherwise is the industry's downside. Producing steel requires much of the earth's resources and a large part of the waste cannot be taken care of in an environmentally friendly way. Stålgossen's job of reducing the waste of steel contributes to more efficient use of resources and less emissions. By re-using and utilizing leftover steel, you contribute to reduced climate impact.